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A poem I wrote awhile back...>>...hope you enjoy.

The Box

It sits there, quietly.
A small white box.
On the table, by the
It's brand new, but we've known it
Our whole lives.

It's seen births, birthdays,
But it can't see.
It has held my small hands
Swung me around
Held me, kissed me, loved me
But has no arms.

It has walked the earth but
It cannot move.
It has breathed in air, but
It is not living.
Just an inanimate
Thing on a table.

It has memories stored
Within the walls,
That small white box
On the table.
It even makes me cry
Without speaking.

There's a familiar
Scent about it.
I know what is in that
Tiny white box.
I speak to it sometimes
Though it can't hear me.

So, there it sits, upon
The table top.
Small, white, compact, dead, alive,
Full of ashes.
It's so amazing how
Grandpa fits within it.

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Date:May 15th, 2004 01:47 am (UTC)
aw, i like it ^_^ it has an air of calm about it, not sure how to exactly explain that but hey. well done ^_^
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